This document provides information about the collection of user data by, which may be fully disclosed.

The administration of the website pays maximum attention to the complete protection of data provided by users and does everything to ensure that users’ personal information does not fall into the hands of attackers or be used by third parties for unlawful purposes.

Visiting the website or studying its content is strictly prohibited for persons under the age of majority, and no information is requested or collected about such persons. Content permitted for free viewing is provided exclusively to persons who have reached the age of 18 or are of legal age in their state.

Personal Information:
The website does not collect or request any information about unregistered users who, for their own reasons, have not registered, but reserve the right to store the user’s IP address in case he commits any illegal actions in relation to the site and its content.
To be able to upload videos to the site and/or gain access to a number of other, additional features of the site, you must register. During the registration process, the required information is: the full name of the registered user and his email address. The user may fill in additional information at his own discretion; such information may be required to communicate with community members who must meet certain criteria. Additional information includes data such as: year of birth, orientation, marital status. It is worth noting that all additional information you provide is public and can be viewed by all registered users without exception.
Content Upload: All information you voluntarily disclose is public, available to the public and may be viewed, used or collected by others.
User Information Storage Files: Please note that the website sends basic and additional user information storage and collection files (cookies) to your personal computer, which in any case will be identified by your web browser. If your web browser is set to reject cookies, the website or some of its features may not function and/or function properly.
Real log file information: The moment you access, some of our servers automatically record certain information that is sent to your web browser, such as the web page you requested, IP address, current web type -browser, the language that the web browser directly uses, the URL link, domain names, platform type, and also the exact date and time of your request. Regarding email: When you contact us, we have the option to register the following correspondence.
You have the right to correct your personal data by doing so directly on the site or by sending a request using the special contact information section on the site.